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Reviewed in the United States on December 2, 2017
This book is absolute rubbish. Aside from the numerous glaring grammatical errors and missing words (obviously, no one edited this before publishing), it is filled with barely technical buzz words, concepts that are high level to the point of being ridiculous, ideals that are incredibly unrealistic, and places that are insultingly trivial. If a test automation engineer needs a detailed explanation of what a function is and how it works, they're not any kind of automation engineer.

Also, I get accused of going overboard on documentation while I'm writing code but the styles presented in the book--which are presented in a "here's the extremely specific way I do things. Let me tell you about it for pages and pages!" manner--are truly gruesome.

The author feels like that one over-confident coworker that no one likes who got hired because he's family friends with the boss and is allowed to run around doing whatever he wants.

I just bought several books on Amazon for professional development and can say with honesty that I learned nothing useful from this overpriced drivel.
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