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Reviewed in the United States on October 20, 2016
Since purchasing our RV we have noted many people using sewer hose supports while at various parks. When I was in the market for a new hose decided to splurge and purchase a sewer hose support as well and I am very glad I did.

As anyone who RV's knows when you empty the tanks at the end of your vacation it isn't much fun having to lift the hose up to ensure that all the matter inside has drained out or worse yet thinking the hose is empty then moving it only to end up with shoes covered in nasties.
This sewer hose support will see an end to those worries.

The support is made out of plastic and is very easy to set up and take down. After removing the orange holder I set it under the sewer connector on the RV and then gently pulled it out until it reached the park sewer connection. Once in place I then lifted the hose onto the support and ensured it was sitting securely, I could see at this time that my sewer hose was angled in a natural downward slopping manner towards the park sewer connection.

At the end of our vacation I opened the black tank and waited while it drained out, with the sewer hose support in place everything moved through the hose very quickly and without leaving anything stuck in the hose. Following I flushed out the grey tank and again was so very happy to stand and be able to see that everything was draining out and I didn't have to lift it to clear any obstructions.
Once the tanks had been completed drained detached the hose and was so happy to not have any nasties dripping out the end.

The support folds up easily just by folding it into itself, I agree with other reviews the orange plastic holder caused me some problems when trying to secure it to the support.
However when I arrived home I found that like the hose support the orange keeper is also has a tall end and short end, if you take the time to look at it and ensure that the short end is placed over the short end of the support you won't have any trouble using it to keep the support together when not in use.

Only taken this out on one trip so far but it really is worth the money I paid for it and I'm hoping it stands up to use over time, should it be necessary I will update my review.
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