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Reviewed in the United States on August 23, 2021
I found The Scarlet Queen book 5 in the series very disappointing. In book 3, The Black Fleet destroyed the Xortaags homeworld of Tangaar. Now in book 5, Tangaar is alive and well, and the Xortaag General Maada is on the rampage concurring other worlds!?

In chapter 26 of book 5, Xornaa and her team are fighting many Zuuvreil soldiers on the planet Zegides. I can overlook misspelled words like ‘the’ for ‘they’ or ‘ant’ for ‘and,’ I cannot excuse the three times ‘Irzut soldiers’ was used to describe ‘Zuuvreil soldiers!
1. Several Irzuts were pushing a three-barrel laser cannon fixed on antigravity plates toward them.
2. She (CM) tossed her remaining grenade at the cannot once she got close enough. The explosive landed right on top of the weapon. Irzut soldiers ran in every direction before a blinding flash flared and killed several of them.
3. Another volley of shots reminded Xornaa that there were still hundreds of Irzuts in front of her. She swallowed, placed her rifle’s sight on an advancing soldier, and pulled the trigger.
4. These misprints occurred within a few paragraphs of each other, and in each case, the word ‘Irzuts’ should have been ‘Zuuvreil.’
I’ve already pre-ordered book 6 in the series, but I won’t waste my money on any more of Mr. Robins' books!
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