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Reviewed in the United States on January 30, 2013
What I didn't like was the fact, that IMHO, one of the main persons, in this book was more or less left out...That is, details, as to his thoughts, motives, what made him the was he was...there are IMHO, a vageness, about the 'wolf-man", that should have been included...

If any one has ever read "THEWATCHER", by Dean Koontz, will understand what I'm trying to point out...his "MONSTER", was given, feelings it expressed, how it felt, why it was angery, in short, he had substance, you couldn't help but "feel", for the poor thing...this was missing here....another charector in the book, her motives, were never made clear, either, before she was 'rubbed out', near the books end.....she was nasty, but I never grasped her true motives or reasons for being that way..

I think/ believe, more defining, of the story line was needed...I truly felt let down, at the ending..
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