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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 1, 2020
I should have looked at the title more closely. Trader. I am an investor, someone who looks at investing both long and short term. I am not a floor trader, but I have always been told that when you get involved with the stock market, it is more mental ability to (know, control and deal with your emotions) than whatever system you use for trading in the stock market. The first chapter or two were ok. They set the stage. Then came the endless repeating of everything and going off into left field right field, and who knows where. Talking about the speed of light and so many other things that were just dribble. This book is not worth the price at even $1. I am the kind of person that finishes books and movies even they are not that good. I had to start skimming at chapter 9 because it was just too painful to keep reading. This book could have been condensed into 2 maybe 3 chapters. And even then, he really does not answer the question of developing winning attitudes in a clear concise manner as it applies to trading or being involved with the stock market. You are better off reading Anthony Robbins or someone else on personal development and then maybe a Peter Lynch or Benjamin Graham book on investing. (Which I have done). This book is (to me) beyond understanding. It was all over the place and seems like this person's first attempt at writing or just going on and on and on and on without saying much of anything. 30 years past it's prime and then some.
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