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Reviewed in the United States on November 26, 2020
I stumbled across this series and it’s author while looking for a vision, a way of seeing and dealing with the worked in its present chaos. This series has been perfect. Filled with real people in a world not-too over-the-top magical. More realistic and far-less violent than most popular urban fantasy (Harry Dresden, Anita Blake or October Daye ). Think more Starhawk or de Lint. The world of modern witchcraft she paints is very familiar to me. I’ve met these people and done some of this work. I haven’t had some of the more magical experiences she paints, although I know many who have. (I certainly have never been in a coven so loving and well-run, 🤣, but this is a picture of lives guided by magic, devotion and fellowship. Certainly what I needed in a time where we’re being fed so much anger and fear.

I like these people. I like their world. I like that it offers a world whose magic may just be within anyone’s reach (I highly recommend her non-fiction as well. Check out “Evolutionary Witchcraft”). Her writing style may be gentler and simpler than so much “magic and bullets” urban fantasy, but it offers me something they don’t (but I am still reading every new Harry Dresden to my wife).
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