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Reviewed in the United States on January 6, 2018
I've been reading and re-reading JL's books for over a year now and truly believe her delivery of Magda Gerber & Dr. Emmy Pickler's practices and advice are very refreshing. Nothing resonated more for me that these three concepts: 1. acknowledging. Don't WE as humans yearn for acknowlegement and respect? Not agreement with everything we do or say - but acknowledgement that we are valid, valued, and in some cases in need of a gentle reminder that there is always room for improvement? 2. Preparing/narrating babies & toddlers as to what we are going to do next, whether to their bodies (lie you down, wipe your bottom) or as an activity. My son doesn't like surprises at all. I try my best to always share what will come next. Again, don't we like to know? I especially appreciate Janet's likening it to being an adult unable to do things for oneself, i.e. In a nursing home. 3. Avoiding speaking in "motherese" and third person. Or any other manner that we wouldn't speak to, say, or spouse or friend. We expect kids to act properly, respect us, and react just as we request (or commonly command), but without displaying this behavior ourselves, it adds a layer of avoidable confusion to already conflicted little kids developing normally.
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