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Reviewed in the United States on June 6, 2020
I find this book is kinda so-so. I did kinda like some parts, but other are bad. Also Braswell wrote it. I got it on my kindle four days after it was published, but it took a lot of time for me to finally finish it. I do not know if I shall ever reread it. I do like how Braswell imforms reader with how Nana feels, what is going on in London, etc. I did not want Peter to get mad at Wendy for what she did, but when he did not get mad at her, but when he got mad at Tinker Bell instead, I kinda wished Peter DID get mad at her just a little bit. :(. Maybe. :). I thought the dog Wendy's parents get her is a little unnecessary. Why does Wendy HAVE to get a stupid dog she does not like? Also I wish Luna the Wolf were in to more. I liked the part where she had a house in Neverland, but it is kinda not in the book enough. She just, like, has a house than leaves it and does not return. WHY IS IT EVEN THERE?!? I recommend: a book. Read at least a lot of books in your lifetime.
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