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Reviewed in the United States on July 5, 2021
Fan for many years of Feehan books to the point of that I pre order all of her books,..that being said. This books has unfortunately disappointed me on lots of levels from her previous years of writing. I hate to even ask did she write this?

Without giving the story away, the book's chapters seem almost on repeat to the point of boring. Honestly we get it the background of the landscape is beautiful, but over and over. Also what happened to know all sides of the thoughts of the characters. This book is entirely based on Stella's point of view, while that may be great for some its not what I have come to enjoy reading from hers books, alongside with zero romance to read about.

Sorry to say the whole thing fell flat that I skipped pages to hurry to the end after pushing through.

Hopefully her next book will deliver the Christine Feehan I have come to enjoy for many years and will not be a turning point to the end of my reading journey.
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