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Reviewed in the United States on December 7, 2018
Then becomes Not Star Wars after book one. Featuring such things as a dark lord with a two part name wielding the darkside of Not the Force and his Not Storm Troopers. A smuggler captain who prides himself in his quickdraw and has a non-human co-pilot. An old armored soldier with a disdain for his replacements. A chosen one who needs to decide which side of the Not Force to be on. Battledroids! Which is good or bad depending on your perspective. Also if you’re wondering what the hell the Savage Wars were because they keep mentioning it but don’t explain it till it gets a brief side note in like the 4th book here it is: The Savage Wars were a series of conflicts against the descendants of humanity’s early slower than light colony vessels. Once FTL was invented the Republic came into contact with these descendants only to find that they had undergone radical cultural divergence in their long journey and isolation, the “Savages”. Something sparked off and the blood flowed.
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