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Reviewed in the United States on September 20, 2020
Nice & definitely comfortable but.....
I found this to run a bit small for my liking. I started off with one plain black in a medium. It’s so so. But if I screw up and dry it- it’ll fit a 5 year old!
I am 5’2 130-140lbs (why do scales have to fluctuate??? Whatever!! On a good day 130, on a bad day- I’ll lie and say 130 anyway lol!!!) BUT I deserve that little white lie! Bc I just lost approximately 70lbs!!! Soooo if I wanna fib on my bad bloated days! Oh I’m gonna!!!

Anyhow- to the shirt!!!
I like things baggy and loose. I’ve been that way even before I had kids and weighed 100lbs.
So the medium is loose enough.. but the arms feel short to me. (I don’t have go go gadget arms. So this was a bit odd!) but they feel like at any moment, if washed and dried. They’ll be on a 5 year old! Otherwise the medium fit ok. Ohhh I also do like to wear a t-shirt or tank top underneath pretty much all of my long sleeves shirts... so with the medium that gave me less room to do that. And I’m talking a form fitting tee, or tank.. nothing loose or baggy. But it definitely gets in the way a bit.
So I love the feel. I loved the pockets. I loved the fact it was light weight and like a long sleeve tee.
I wanted a couple more!
But I sized up to a large. Even tho my 5’2 short self lost that weight! I’d rather be comfy! And large fits perfect. Even if it shrinks a bit. If I am not paying attention and throw it in the dryer and realize 20 mins later ‘oh crap I was supposed to hang dry those couple of things!” I’ll be ok!!! It’ll have just enough room to stretch out a bit. But for me. Large was the way to go. I’m a full C breast size. (Ugh after that weight gain. I have to wear bras with major lift! Thank goodness we can make things look good in clothes!!! Wheww!
And I got the booty too! So it winds up sitting just above my butt. And the rest isnt too big like I’m swimming. Just comfy. Especially if I have my hands in the pockets, or the pockets weighed down by my keys or cell.
Definitely size up for comfort. Goes great with leggings, skinny jeans, or even just sweats and yoga pants. I’m not a fan of joggers but apparently the 90’s are coming back when we tight rolled out pants to LOOK like joggers. Soooo I’ll deal with it!!! (I just reminds me I’m old now. I just blame it on the joggers!) anyway- can be worn with anything. And comfortable. Lightweight. Perfect for fall and good for layering up in the winters here in the northeast! I love it!

BTW- the Good Vibes purple- the pics lie. It’s like pink. I didn’t get it. My sister did. She’s keeping it. But she’s so not a “pink” girl!! So be careful there!!! I went with light blue (or is it mint green??) and the heather Gray and orange. Not sure why. Made me think of pumpkins and fall is around the corner. I don’t mind a little orange now that I don’t look like a pumpkin in it!
I also grabbed the heather blue. Which looks like it’s a yellow- NOPE! ORANGE!!!!! That’s the one which bothered me the most as far as the colors go.
But I do like the comfort of them and the pockets.
All that having been said and my life story to go with it!!
I say.... Go for it!!! I’m glad I did. Now if I could find these with hoods in exact material. Wheww I’d be super happy!!! I’ll find something though! Always do!

Bless you all and be safe! Ohh we need good vibes masks... see they brought back the 90’s. But forgot we didn’t have pandemics and played ball in the street until our parents hunted us down forcing us to go home. And that was AFTER Nintendo!

Stay safe everyone! Keep those good vibes going! Bless!
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