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Reviewed in the United States on July 18, 2020
Malachi and Isla loved each other since they were teenagers and promised to get married and be together forever. Then, without warning and any explanation, he ended contact with Isla. And for 11 years it was just that, until the day he appeared again, with his parents in tow and the news that they are getting married. But he was changed, a hard and bitter man, hating her for something she cannot remember. With no choice she honoured the arranged marriage not knowing what awaits her as the wife of a duke. Little did she know it would be torturous, still having feelings for him but being outlasted by him and his family, not understanding why he would want to marry her if he hates her this much. Little by little she learns Malachi's truth of what he thought happened, and having had trouble with remembering traumatic events her whole life, she believed that she was responsible for destroying their relationship and breaking the man she loved her whole life. She also learned that he only married her to protect her life, a promise he made years ago, not even considering why he would do so without thought if he really hates her as much. But then she found an e-mail indicating that more was going on than what was evident and determined to find out what happened, she pursued the matter. Breaking open the secrets of those few months in her life brought the truth, or at least a part of it, to light and Malachi realised that he was in the wrong. Is it possible to for them to recover from this, could she forgive him and most of all, could he forgive himself? This is a raw, emotional story with many triggers of violence and abuse but humans are flawed and we will most always try to exact revenge if we felt we were wronged. And sometimes the basic reason will be love because sometimes there is a fine line between love and hate. This book is a page turner, another great read from one of my favourite authors.

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