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Reviewed in the United States on August 7, 2014
This is an excellent program! It was the first and only tv program my son watched at age two and it helped him learn his numbers and patterns. I feel good about letting him watch it because there is no "villian" on the show or negative influence. It's only about helping others and learning numbers, shapes, patterns, using your eyes and brain together to seek out things. The screen is great to look at, it's one of a very few kids cartoons that I also enjoy watching. My son is now four and a half. He has an Umizoomi Mobigo game, but we havent watched the show in almost two years because we dropped our cable. I was really excited to see that the program is on Amazon Prime. Our son is having fun watching the shows again and doesn't remember seeing them before. He now talks to the tv and answers all their questions, so it isn't as educational as it was, but it is definitely positive entertainment for him.
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