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Reviewed in the United States on September 19, 2021
This one was just delightful, if you can say that about a book whose heroine always seems to be covered in blood and stabbed quite frequently. It's Toby's wedding to Tybalt. They have to travel to Toronto where the wedding will take place at the court of the High King, Quentin's father. Of course, since no one officially knows exactly where Quentin is, due to blind fosterage, Quentin can't exactly go with them.

This book features most of the supporting cast we've seen through the years and it spotlights how special each one is to Toby. And there are little touches and great lines in it. I loved that King Sollys has classic science fiction novels impressively-bound in his personal study. There are great lines: "Democracy didn't seem to work all that much better [than monarchy]; it just came with fewer beheadings" and "Being fae doesn't make you immune to being a massive nerd. It just gives you more time to really plumb the depths of your potential nerdery." And Toby's wedding dress, when finally revealed, is just perfect.

If you haven't read these books, don't start with this one, but if you have been reading them, don't miss this one.
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