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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 19, 2022
Like a huge pimple on the face of humanity the Kold threat pops and evil corruption erupts. The Gatekeeper Academy is open for business and Jules and her friends are students. Hidden in plain sight, the Kold have infiltrated all levels of Earth, New Speros and Haven. It's up to Jules to save the students and the Academy from the terror the Kold will unleash. Can she manage it without her Iskos abilities? We'll see!

All my favorites are in action to save the Alliance. Jules, Hugo, Patty and Dean Jr., Slate, Dean, Natalie, Magnum and Mary all play their role in saving the Academy and Haven. All our old friends play their parts and it's so good to see all of them again. Like a favorite pair of old worn blue jeans, the cast slips on comfortably. All the weak spots are worn and ragged, saggy and loose in all the right placrs, the point is, I'm used to seeing all our heroes and look forward to their presence. It's an outstanding crew and they run a tight ship and I love each and every one of them. The continuing tale of the Survivors is an amazing storyline, told by a master storyteller. I have so thoroughly enjoyed the Academy segment, I look forward to more adventures! This is a great read!
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