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Reviewed in the United States on May 2, 2008
At a recent gathering of pastors from across the USA and Canada I was surprised that one VERY well-known speaker from So. California spoke to the pastors about his preaching style, his study habits, and his commentaries. When asked about his lack of preaching from Old Testament books, this pastor noted that he is a New Testament pastor and in his 25+ years has never preached through an Old Testament book, that the era of the Old Testament has no place in New Testament kingdom work. There was a hush like I had never heard (and these are all pastors who love to talk!). This new volume is a fantastic addition to any pastor's library and helps to link the entire counsel of God. Beale and Carson have given us a tremendous gift in the unique style of this reference book and how they build all the New Testament upon the shoulders of those prophets, priests, and sages who had gone before.

As we have seen, the New Testament is replete with uses of the Old Testament. Jesus, himself, was often quoting the Old Testament and the authors show us how the knowledge, culture, and genre of Old Testament books and passages that were useful in the establishment of the church after the resurrection. The authors are quick to remind us that the authors of the New Testament Canon were using Old Testament text to establish the church and then included God's counsel from the ancient eras in their writings back to the churches at Rome, Ephesus, and more.

This book serves a very powerful niche in our sermon preparation, it gives us tools to excite our congregation about the Old Testament which seems so ancient and almost out of place to the 21st Century thinker. Beale and Carson give us the tools to energize a new generation of disciples. I cannot imagine our pastoral libraries without this new work. It serves us as pastors and it serves our congregation as it illuminates the whole counsel of God.
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