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Reviewed in the United States on June 5, 2012
Like many of the other reviewers, I was extremely disappointed with this book. In fact, I've been disappointed with the last few books, but this one was so bad I really felt motivated to write a review.

Raise your hand if you're tired of hearing about Sookie smiling through her shift at Merlotte's in order to make better tips. With the money she's made recently, helping the vampires, why is she worried about missing a Saturday night shift's worth of tips, anyway? Or if you're sick of hearing, more than once per book, how Bubba came to be a vampire (I get explaining it once per book, but two or three times? really?). How many of you would be happy never hearing about Jane Bodehouse again? I mean, c'mon... it's like Harris feels compelled to throw her into a scene or two now with no apparent purpose or reason. Does anyone care about this character?


I do not, repeat, DO NOT recommend this book, even if you just finished Book 10 and are thinking, "How bad can Book 11 be? I need to keep going with the series." It is a waste.

Ms. Harris... we beg you, please pay attention to what your readers are saying and spend a little more time on your books. This may be a radical suggestion, but consider throwing in a meaningful story line that develops your main characters. Something more than clarifying for us that Sookie likes to sunbathe. Please.
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