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Reviewed in the United States on August 11, 2018
Oh yes.
Heart wrenching when Talon realized Jade wouldn't leave him after she knew the truth. Relief & sadness came over me, then happiness. He was healing. Love it.
Finally we get some conclusion & so excited about Talon & Jade. A big relief that Jade knows now. With everyone together the 3 psychos hopefully be brought to justice.
Tremendously superior story w suspense drama thrills & hot love scenes done right.
Kind of wondered if the sex was over done In this book but it made sense w what Talon has had to deal with.
Gotta say.... we've seen the ice thing in 50 shades - but THIS TIME? WOW!!! I SALUTE YOU HELEN! WELL DONE! 👏👍🔥.
On to the next book - who was the Rose from? Ready for the next brother but Can't wait to read more about Talon and Jade!!!
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