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Reviewed in the United States on January 23, 2022
We have three of these things now--two are on dumb TV's that are among the first generation to even have an HDMI port and the other is on an early version of Smart-TV which wasn't smart enough to be able to install the YouTubeTV app (i.e. dumb by today's standards).

The latter TV, a seven-year-old Sony, is mounted up high, so required a ladder to install the FireTVstick. Not a big deal as a (was hoping) one-time venture. But not more than a week after installation, my YouTubeTV channels started freezing up (two seconds of play, then froze). This happened every time I switched to a different channel. So I eventually had to break out the ladder and unplug/replug the FireTVstick, which did fix the problem. Statistically speaking, if this happened within only a week of installation, it's likely to happen again. I'm thinking it would be nice if the remote had a button to do a reset (it could be recessed to avoid accidentally pressing). I thought of plugging the FireTVstick into the TV's switched outlet (I think it has one) but then, is it made to be power-cycled at the same time as the TV and do I want to go trough the device's somewhat slow reboot cycle every time I turn on the TV?

On our old plasma-screen Panasonic, the FireTVstick would just start locking up with the little spin wheel. I unplugged/replugged it and that fixed it (for now). The FireTVstick for this TV was a replacement for one we had before (same one, the lite version). Now I'm seeing that neither of those FireTVsticks may have been the problem after all (I suspect the TV was complicit in this bad behavior).

The FireTVstick on the other old TV (I think it's a Vieja), hasn't had any issues so far.
Sigh. I sometimes miss my parent's black and white Zenith with manual rotating station tuning knob.

Overall, pretty decent devices, which (at least in our house) will one day become extinct when our older TV's get an education.
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