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Reviewed in the United States on January 14, 2016
The second book in the McMahon series is good. It is about Braden and Thalia . Braden is trying to find out who is trying to steal his niece and harm his sister. He runs into his mate at their strip club that the family owns in a neighboring town. Thalia is a “stripper” but there is more to her –she is undercover also trying to find out who is trying to hurt Braden’s family. The mate heat came on them suddenly when they met …there are shocks and when refused to let him claim her until her job was done, well the bear didn’t like that.
Thalia is a strong lion shifter and she is independent –yet when it comes to her mate, she wants to let go to a point for him. Braden has done nothing but work , work, work, for his father for months trying to see who it is trying to harm his family yet when he sees his mate , he needs her so bad yet he is being told to let her finish her job , his mate included and its killing him to do so. What will it take for these two strong, independent people to comprise? Will they be able to do or will they not be able to and the mating not take place…Will the people trying to hurt Braden’s family do so…

I liked this story but it wasn’t as strong as the previous book 1. The passion and the chemistry was there between the two and oh it was so hot. I think it was just focused are Thalia’s job and not where the two MCs had time together away from the job. Also not enough information about them to know how they are doing after the story ended, like an epilogue. is a good story, just not as strong as first book but I would still recommend reading this story

My rating: 4.4 stars ****
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