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Reviewed in the United States on November 6, 2018
Frst let me say this i hose this food based on a review sites 5 star rating thinking itd be a good food to switch to with thecontents/pre and post biotics. and at first my pup loved it. i changed her in august (ordered first bag frim chewy). late july she started to exhibit some odd behaviour (panting tired etc). i figured it was the heat. she finished her first bag and we started the second. my mid august she collapsed in congestive heat failure. we rushed her to the vet and she started a new med and bounced back. she continued the food but by end of august she refused to eat it. in researching new foods i came across the FDA study ramping uptying gran free diets and chf in dogs. My Alice had a non-medicated heart murmur her whole life. she was at the vet evey six months for a booster shot to attend daycare so she was closely monitored for it. after the chf she was ok on the med for a bit then collapsed again. another med some improvement, but by october 18th we lost her—she was just nine years old and a medium breed (foxhound). while this food is amazing for some digs if there is any chance your dog has heart problems PLEASE do not feed your dog a grain free diet or at leadt consult your vet first. if you’re anything like me your pup is part of your family. i am still in excruciating pain i hope i can save someone else that hurt. again a good food but please talk to your vet first. i can never replace my Alice i wish the FDA study/investigation wouldve been more widely vidible. it may not have changed my outcome but im stuck here wondering:(
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