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Reviewed in the United States on September 12, 2020
Ahhh Shippy and Stevie. Two great characters with hilarious quick wit and banter. They both give as good as they get. A true perfect match for one another.

From the very beginning, I found Stevie’s inner dialogue hilarious. She’s so weird and goofy in her own way. She’s not someone that is a “way out there” odd but doesn’t care what those close to her really think either. With being RJ’s little sister, she’s had to deal with a lot of attention that wasn’t always authentic. So when she deals with the grumpy neighbor, Bishop, it’s a breath of fresh air. She knows he’s not around her to get close with her brother.

Bishop has his own faults but grows as a character, with the help of Stevie. She truly makes him a better person. The olive to her pineapple. He’s a hard working, dedicated person. While he’s not the chocolates and flowers type of guy, neither is Stevie. They don’t have to be the cliché couple with a big grand gesture. Just going back to the simple is what works for them.

What started out as favors for each other, after they got over their hate for one another, created a great friendship foundation - which then in turn grew into a fantastic, explosively amazing relationship. I highly recommend reading this hockey rom-com if you’re looking for a laugh out loud story. Do yourself a favor and read this.
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4.5 out of 5
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