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Reviewed in the United States on March 15, 2019
I wanted some loose fitting knit stocking caps that did NOT scrunch my head and bought several on Amazon. Overall I like these MUCH better than the tight fit styles that I currently have and, while all of these are bigger, they still fit in a jacket pocket for easy carry.

The first brand I purchased was FORBUSITE Men’s Slouchy Long Oversized Beanie Knit Cap – which was described as “all season”, yet with a liner layer to keep your ears warm in the winter. Many color patterns to choose from and I liked it right out of the package. Doesn’t crimp your head, warm enough for February in New England – modestly price at $11-15. I re-ordered a second.

For a warmer true winter option I tried several starting with a Janey & Rubbins Winter Baggy Oversize Solid Knit Beanie Hat priced at $13. FANTASTIC, trying on out of the package was like a warm caress of my head – I didn’t want to take it off. The warm lining is a pseudo fur like feel and it still is small enough to fit a jacket pocket. Definitively warmer than the Forbusite and a true winter cap that I wore visiting family in Minnesota. Stops wind chill very well, but this is a winter stocking cap NOT multi-season.

As a back-up true winter option I also bought a Redress Beanie Hat for Men and Women Winter Warm Hats Knit @ $13 – also great, but not the immediate sensation of comfort that the Janey & Rubbins gave me. Truly warm with great lining and windproof as advertised. Still fits in a jacket pocket. This style needed to loosen a bit to be comfortable on my head, but that did NOT take long.

I did try and return one other from Vgogfly @ $10. It was fine and similar to the Janey/Rubbins and Redress as a true winter warm stocking cap. Trying on for the 1st time out of the package I could hear many threads tearing as it stretched to the initial fit – probably like any other, but I did notice it. It was fine, I just liked it less than the others.

Before buying from Amazon I shopped my local REI & Dick’s Sporting Goods for options and the name brands can sell for $35-45. I’ve very pleased with all my Amazon purchases.
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