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Reviewed in the United States on April 15, 2020
Another solid Mitch Rapp political thriller, and this one is very heavy on the political aspect.

A routine operation to identify and take out an ISIS financier sets in motion the story, when said financier is identified as a Saudi prince colluding with the Saudi spy chief to undermine the King and support ISIS. Politically, POTUS's hands are tied when it comes to the Saudis, so he asks Rapp to resign from the CIA and resolve this matter privately and unofficially, without US Government sanction. Rapp recruits an ad hoc team of former enemies, and a private war soon plays out between between Rapp and the Saudi spy chief.

As usual for Kyle Mills the book is very tightly plotted and fast paced. In fact, my only major complaint would be that there's enough material in this book that he could have added more pages. Flynn would have no doubt really gone into greater depth exploring the US-Saudi relationship.

It was interesting to see Rapp leading a crew of rogue contractors, and I kept thinking how cool would it have been if this was the new status quo for a couple books, but instead it's all resolved by the end.

Oh, well. Still a fast paced and entertaining thriller, and superior to many other books of this type currently in the market. If nothing else, Kyle Mills consistently finds new things to do with Rapp, which is the major factor keeping this series going, and the quality has been superior to the hit or miss Clancy continuation novels.
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