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Reviewed in the United States on October 29, 2017
I absolutely loved this movie. Of course, I get the NY Times and read the obituaries - these marvelous, compressed biographies about remarkable, interesting or infamous people absolutely unknown to me before reading of their death. The huge headliners like Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, etc. get on the front page of the Times. But what of people like Rabbi Ephraim Oshry, who survived the Nazi occupation of Lithuania in the ghetto? Under constant threat of death, he helped those who came to him with questions of Jewish law, issuing judgments and writing them down on little scraps of paper, which he buried in tin cans. Later they were retrieved and added to the long history of Jewish legal precedent. And that was only the beginning of his life! That obituary, which was written by Douglas Martin - one of the writers in the movie - I have kept on my fridge for something like 14 years! It is yellowed and frayed, but goes with me whenever I move, because Rabbi Oshry's life is an inspiration. And now, having watched the movie, I see how much effort goes into these pieces. They are celebrations of life, the word "death" appearing only once. I highly recommend this movie. It is both a tribute to these wonderful writers and to those they write about.
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