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Reviewed in the United States on April 28, 2020
At this point I think anyone who has seen anything about me anywhere probably knows I LOVE Kristen Painter books and this one was no different. Although some of her other series are very dear to my heart, this particular heroine definitely resonates with me in a different way, as I am sure she does with many "not 20 something anymore" women out there.

Book 2 picks up literally right where book 1 ends, which doesn't always work, but in this case it really allowed me as the reader to feel that I was getting to follow Belladonna's complete journey and transformation. I LOVE that with the vampire stuff being all new to her she asks the questions that often we as readers want to know to (especially as most paranormal worlds have their own unique rules). She's not afraid to let people know that "There should be a handbook for that!". Fans of book 1 will definitely appreciate where book 2 leads you. Personally I prefer it as with all the background set the book is able to move at a faster pace, and I do love a little action (of the fighting kind in this case), and showing that although family is important, sometimes that family can be formed from the outside.

I do feel the need mention that this definitely has a little more of a cliffhanger than the first, which is different from the Nocturne Falls series with each completely wrapped up with an HEA - but the main story is completed and it definitely isn't one that I would classify as "throw the book worthy" (I know you readers all know what I mean) - more like just hurry up and get the next one out required!

An easy, 5 stars from me and my official Melanie's Muses Approved status! (Yes this is new - Yes this is the first time I am posting it - Yes there will be more details soon!)
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