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Reviewed in the United States on March 1, 2021
There is very little that is positive to say about this device or the MyCloud service. The device can ONLY be used in conjunction with a wireless router. There is no ability to interface with the device through a USB connection to a computer (even though it has a USB port). Even a router can be interfaced with through computer! All network functionalities are exceptionally slow - regardless of whether they are done on a wired or wireless connection. The device is solely managed by the MyCloud app or website - and the desktop app is horrific. Transfers are completely handled over the network, there is no option for manual transfers. The device DOES NOT SUPPORT FTP. There is NO RECYCLING BIN feature, and the upload client does not know how to handle duplicates - it will simply create endless copies of the same file or folder. What an absolute joke – and none of this is clearly stated on the product page. Neither the hardware nor the app do anything that they are designed to do *well*. The only thing nice about this product is the server's aesthetic appeal; the physical device is very chic (although both the desktop app and website interface look archaic - although the mobile app is not much worse than other mobile cloud apps).
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