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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 6, 2017
I am always happy to hear about the family of masters and mercenaries. A reunion with all the characters involved is definitely a pleasure, but reading about Kashmir and all his internal hang ups and royal responsibilities, was annoying. The story was short which was unfortunate because Lexi Blake's books are every bit of a treat to read. I know I should have been happy it was short considering Kash was the whole plot, but I can't help that I wanted more. It's a Lexi Blake Novella, can you blame me?

Ok, enough complaining, I'm still giving this story 5 stars because it sucked me in, kept me wanting so much more and hoping for Day and Kash' s relationship to work out, and I enjoyed the interactions of the other characters in the story I've grown to love and care about. With ALL that being said, "Wooh!" I can now move on to my version of what happened in this novella.

Kashmir is the King and has avoided getting married, avoided his home, and avoided any major decision that doesn't involve his pleasure. He had the role of being a king un expectantly forced on him. He had to walk away from possibly the only woman he loved, outside his mother, to take on a kingdom. He also lived with the guilt that scientist he hired to work on a project that would help his country, all were killed because of him. Then he's forced to get married and create an heir to the throne by his mother and her advisor. Then someone tries to assassinate him. On top of all that he finds out that his new bride is a kinky domme and wants to control him and have him serve her. How much more is he expected to deal with?

Dayita, the woman he truly loves, wants to be there for him, to stand by his side, and give him the calm he needs in the eye of the storm. It's his culture's way of thinking, and his image of what a man should be that won't allow him to accept what she wants to offer him. He spends the majority of the story fighting himself, Dayita, and everything else around him that he can't see his way out. It finally takes a long talk with Ian Taggert that gets him to open his eyes, and really see what's in front of him. He knew if he didn't step out on that ledge and grab Dayita's hand he was going to lose one of the most important persons in his life, and without her none of the rest really mattered.

Read, yet another great story by Lexi Blake that you won't want to put down even when you finish it.
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