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Reviewed in the United States on August 23, 2017
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SILENCE FALLEN proves that time and again, Mercy Thompson is a delight to tag along with. Even after all these years, Briggs manages to surprise and enthrall with every page. While SILENCE FALLEN reads more like a "monster of the week" episode than anything driving the world forward, that makes this installment of the series no less enjoyable to read.

Mercy's pack has expanded to the point where sometimes I need a few reminders to remember the newer members, but that brief orientation didn't slow down this story a whit. I was particularly pleased by how quickly (and smoothly) Mercy was operating with autonomy, something this independent coyote does best. I didn't expect the "big bads", and found both the magic and political aspects of the story delightful. It's hard to go into detail without spoilers, but fans of the series will find SILENCE FALLEN to be an exercise in both Mercy's and Adam's strengths, with a more than a few cameos and surprises thrown in for spice.

A wonderful romp, Mercy is a joy to follow as she problem solves, charms, and slips her way through trouble. Much like Ilona Andrews, Briggs lavishes detail in her world building, which will thrill both process nerds and history buffs alike.

Sexual Content: References to rape, a non-explicit sex scene.
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