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Reviewed in the United States on May 21, 2017
I will keep this review short, partly because there is not very much to say, and partly because I dislike writing “negative” reviews. I was a bit disappointed with this book, something that is reflected in this review’s title.

Part of my disappointment is perhaps unfair. I had high – and probably too high – expectations for this book of Titan war machines and was (irrationally?) hoping that this book might be as good as Dan Abnett’s Titanicus or Graham McNeill’s Mechanicum. It isn’t, despite a rather good beginning.

The story is one of rivalry between two half-legions of Titans and their commanders which, after a hard campaign, are withdrawn and redeployed on a forge world which has been invaded by Chaos, and by the forces of a Chaos Legion in particular.

The plot is a rather simple one. It could have been an effective one but – and here is my problem – it gets subsumed and takes a backseat and fades away as you progress through the book. Instead, you are left with an orgy of sound, fury, explosions all over the place and cataclysmic destructions until almost everyone and everything gets wiped out. Three stars.
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