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Reviewed in the United States on January 1, 2017
My wife ordered these on accident one day thinking they were tissues (possibly; I thought hand-towel would’ve been enough but probably the whole Kleenex being synonymous with tissues thing. They’re most like the towels you’d usually find at an upscale restaurant in the usually wicker-style basket in the restrooms. So yes, they’re very nice, incredibly soft, but also hold a good amount of water while also being quite sturdy; so sturdy in fact, you can ring them out and reuse them if you want.

The packaging is very nice how the top is angled, which is very handy as we’ve even found a few various ways to place them throughout the house. I find they’re somewhere between a tissue, hand-towel, and napkin; or maybe it’s just that I often use them for all the above, not really sure. But we do use them for different reasons we would use your run-of-the-mill paper towels and so have decided to keep both varieties on our regular, scheduled (subscribed) orders.

Oh and gentleman & gearheads alike I believe these make for a better garage towel than your typical paper towels, you know, the ones next to your fast orange or whatever…

All-in-all, these are really just a great product, from a name-brand, and I’ll admit we’re happy to have accidentally stumbled upon them.
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