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Reviewed in the United States on April 4, 2020
So I have a decent carseat for my son. But as he gets older (he's 3.5 50lbs) I decided to upgrade his carseat and give my old one to my partner.
This carseat is super complicated. My head spun with instructions and pockets. While very organized, not very user friendly. So then I read per my son's weight I should be using the seatbelt attach vs the seatclamps.
I couldn't get it clamp to the seat clamps anyway. With the seatbelt it wiggled terrible and the instructions tell you in bold to not use both forms of seat attachment.
It was hard plastic with very little on each side. It seemed great for a 5 year old but not enough protection compared to my old seat for a toddler.
I planned on taking it on a trip but the thing was heavy, heavy heavy. But still mostly plastic?
I would have returned but it had been too long so I gave it to my partner and kept my old one.
Didn't like it
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