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Reviewed in the United States on January 8, 2020
This book is great written by a man that is the toughest military soldier to ever live and talk about it. It’s clear that he had much more to say but it was classified. I met an old man he was a Vietnam vet. He was in SOG he knew Billy. He operated in Cambodia when I said I read a book about what he did he said no it was classified until the 90’s. I was sure he said maybe it was written by Billy Waugh then he smiled looked out in to the distance and said Billy War that’s what we called him. I figured if a guy with the handle Lobo who spent 3 years conducting missions inside Cambodia with a team of missionaries then I wanted to read about him too. Billy Waugh was in country from the very first soldiers until the end in 73. He missed 1 year in Walter Reid recovering from multiple wounds. But that wasn’t where he began fighting this guy was in Korea and his last deployment was to Afghanistan at age 72. Read the book what you will want to know is more. Oh did I mention he spent time watching Osama Bin Laden. I understand more then most about the recent killing of the Iranian general because Billy explains how the middle eastern military operates. GOAT greatest soldier of all time. If you are an operator read the book and then you will agree.
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