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Reviewed in the United States on June 17, 2015
Few authors get as real as this one does when it comes to brutal honesty about emotional problems and demonic attacks. This is gut level, unvarnished, "here is what happened to me" story telling. He does not try to sugar coat it, or in any way diminish what he went through and how hard it was. I give him credit for openly sharing such deeply personal issues with the public. We need a lot more of that from Christian pastors and writers.

The church as a whole generally sees emotional struggles like fear and anxiety as signs of a sinful nature and a weak will. Suck it up. Get over it. Move on. The standard prescription is that depressed or anxious people just need to pray more and read their Bible more. But what about people who may be being subjected to a demonic spiritual attack? What about people who have been following Christ, praying, and reading their bible diligently - for decades in some cases - and still cannot get a breakthrough? The stock, glib, Christian bumper sticker responses fail us at this point.

Many believers are facing these kinds of "fear challenges", and telling them things they have heard a hundred times already, like, "Just pray and read your Bible more" are not helping. If it was that simple, or easy, to overcome these kinds of problems, nobody would have emotional issues. What's worse, when suffering Christians take this well-intended advice and see no results, they can become even more down and discouraged, and often start doubting the Bible, God; even their own salvation.

A lot of mediocre books with sketchy theology have come out of the charismatic movement in recent years, and many of them still get predictable five star reviews from adoring fans and fellow members of the author's congregation. This one actually has some material that is worth reading.

You may not agree with every theological premise offered here. Nonetheless, if you are a Christian still struggling mightily with fear and worry, and wondering why nothing has worked to help you break free, you need to know you are not alone. Someone else has walked in your shoes, is willing to "tell it like it is." That alone is worth the price of this book in my estimation,
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