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Reviewed in the United States on September 11, 2017
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 There is horrible distortion on all of the sounds. It's shockingly bad; I can't believe anyone is selling this to people. This distortion is actually apparent in YouTube reviews, but it's not as noticeable at higher volumes so I didn't catch it before I purchased this set. It is easier to hear in my attached video, but it sounds 150% worse in person. Also, all of the sounds cut off abruptly without any fade, which is jarring enough in a normal recording, but horrendous when the sound is half static. It's unplayable, even as a children's toy, which was its intended purpose.

Further, the sensitivity is not good and frequently results in accidental double-taps. When I tried to take one of the pedals out of the box, it just fell apart because it shipped broken (i.e. in pieces).

Finally, there is no velocity sensor so everything plays at the same volume no matter how hard you strike the pads. It's awful.
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