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Reviewed in the United States on December 12, 2018
The story starts off very well. As the anticipation and suspense build very well as Eleanor travels to Hill House. It carries over to their 1st day there. All 4 of the characters here, are very relatable and very dimensional. The book here at this moment is a 4 star. Shirley Jackson, the author, very skillfully builds everything and steps it up very well. The people within the town and the Dudleys, really add the weird the factor very well. After the 2nd second day, when everything happens, is when that just falls off the cliff.

The house doesn't seem so threating after that initial occasion. Does stuff happen? Yes. Then when Dr. Montague's wife and that other guy come, I started thinking that something is going to happen. This the big moment! Again, Shirley Jackson skillfully gets the reader to anticipate. When they arrive, I was kind of remembering what happened and I thought that Eleanor was just messing with them.

Then the final act, was a real disappointment. Not spoiling it here. Though I guess in a way it was Eleanor just "messing" with them. I hadn't read the book since early high school. I really liked it a lot then. It just now, didn't hit. The ending and middle part of the book weren't as good as the beginning.

Unlike some of the books that I've reviewed, it wasn't bad to get to the end and not a chore, but just a big little down. A quick read. I'm teetering between a 2 star and a 3 star. This is more of a go to your library and get it, if you want it.
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