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Reviewed in the United States on December 21, 2020
Maybe it's unfair for me to even review this book due to my deep, deep love of the Masters and Mercenaries series. This new series is so far from that one.

I did try hard to suspend judgement and not to compare. This series does have some fascinating characters, and the Parrish itself is wacky as all get-out. But the main characters just seemed kind of soft focus. They didn't display the same kind of passion for life. They were a bit blurry, if that makes sense.

The H was well defined. Zap has long been a player in a small pond. As he's matured, he's found that small-town memories tend to become fossilized. That makes it hard to evolve. At the same time, his aimlessness makes him a bit frustrating. He doesn't appear to have a path in mind until he meets Roxanne, the h. Her character is also well sketched out, with quite a bit more depth. Their chemistry is strong.

But their relationship still seems a bit weak. Most of this has to do with the sex. And that I truly don't get.

Lexi Blake writes amazing, white hot sex scenes. But in this series, she doesn't. The sex is more general, less detailed, and for me, much less passionate. There's a lot missing here. The connections between the H and h doesn't have the intensity of her other books. This 3rd book has even less true passionate connection. The H says the right things, but the intensity is just missing.

This series really feels like it's been built for a different romance market. Perhaps I just need to find one that works better for this reader.
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