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Reviewed in the United States on February 16, 2021
Fearless by Allen Stroud is an excellent book which details the sharp differences between working in space vs the ordinary everyday experiences that the reader understands. Few books do this, and those that do often do it poorly.
It's no wonder some of the negative reviews complain that they find it boring, because in my opinion, they fail to appreciate, and certainly do not enjoy, the "intellectual gravity" : ) of such a serious, thoughtful construction of the most important basis of the entire plot.
In addition, our main protagonist, is not only female, but was born without some of the normal appendages, which is not nearly as much of a handicap as under full Earth strength gravity. Once again, the reader who most likely is unfamiliar with physical handicap, may fail to have the empathy, that one is more likely to have with the usual action heroes of Space Opera stories.
I give high marks to the author, Allen Stroud, for making me feel the near helplessness when faced with needing to find the saboteur that is responsible for murdering one of the crew. How do you find which member of your crew is responsible ? How do you go about investigating this without demoralizing the crew when each person has to provide an alibi?
I also enjoyed the intelligence of all of the characters. At the end of the story there are still many unanswered questions which may upset many readers. Possibly a sequel is coming, but perhaps not. I don't consider this a huge problem. After all, life is very much like that, and so is science.

I highly recommend this book to everyone who likes a thoughtful, intelligently written story.
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