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Reviewed in the United States on May 26, 2020
For some strange reason I've never read Connelly's books in order, I started with The Poet and then my grandmother of all people turned me onto Harry Bosch. As much as I love reading these Bosch novels somehow I never read them in the order they were intended but the quality of writing is so superb that it doesn't matter. These books go so quickly that I find myself laying in bed at 4 in the morning after wanting to read a chapter before I went to sleep six or seven hours earlier. Harry is a cop's cop, he fights the good fight and makes sure everyone matters. He fights for the truth, as un-politically correct as that is now days and refuses to suffer fools kindly. This book grabbed me from the beginning, Harry gets not one but two cold cases, decades old, with no prospect of resolution but pushes on to find the justice that's been denied for so long. He sets out to mentor "Lucky Lucy" Soto, his newest partner (not the healthiest occupation in these books) as his time with the LAPD is coming to a close and from Connelly's other books I'm familiar with her but it's nice to see firsthand howtheirbond originated. The last chapter was the hardest for me, I got so caught up I forgot it was coming and the last paragraphs actually brought tears to my eyes. Everyone matters to Harry and dammit, Harry should be able to count on everyone to stand tall for him! One day I hope to retire and read all of Harry's stories in their proper order, I expect I may even discover that I will like them more the second time in chronological order but I'm not sure how that would be possible. I'm now hoping Harry continues to hunt for murderers another 50 years. But I'll settle for another 50 Bosch novels in no particular order.
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