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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 6, 2021
I watched the entire series. For the most part, I thought it was a very intelligent series. Out of all the episodes my very favorite one was the second to last episode, in the final season (Season 8). I believe it was titled, "The Wench is Dead" Morse was trying to solve a crime that had happened in Oxford in 1859, and much of the episode was a flashback. He was working on the crime from his hospital bed (peptic ulcer and enlarged liver from years of excessive alcoholic drinking.

A big part of the character of Morse is that he is much more academically intelligent than your ordinary policeman. He has some Oxford University education from his youth, although he did not finish, but I never did quite catch on why. He loves working the daily crosswords. His biggest passion is classical music. Many of the stories throughout the series uses classical music and operatic music as part of the storyline. Morse is very cranky and often in a bad mood. He seldom seems happy and is very unlucky in finding love dept. Many of the women he pursues throughout the series either turn out to be the killer, or a liar, or involved in the messy crime some way or another, or sometimes just are not interested in him. His other passion is drinking beer. He drinks a lot. Not falling down, stupid drunk drinking, but Morse says drinking a beer helps him to think. Morse is his last name and no one knows his first name and he will not share that info with others. When he is asked, he always replies, "It's just Morse." In the final season (season 8) you will finally find out what his first name is and why he has such an unusual name. I believe that episode it titled, "Death is Now My Neighbor". Morse finally gets some female companionship in this episode too, although it only last for a couple of episodes, then she is off to Australia.

His assigned detective Sargent, Lewis, has to usually pay of the pints of beer, although Lewis usually has a glass of OJ instead (he may be driving). Sgt. Lewis is very loyal and hard working. The opposite of Morse he is usually very upbeat, positive, and happy. He is married with two children and struggles to spend more time with them, but duty with Morse usually pulls him away. He gets pushed around and abused by Morse a lot in this series and this is one of the things I did not like about the show. It was okay at first, but each season I kept waiting for Morse to finally start treating his partner with more respect. There are a few times in different episodes where Morse will somewhat reluctantly acknowledge Lewis's work and contributions to solving the case, but not often enough in my opinion.

Lewis is in every single episode but the second to last one. He is away for inspector training course. I also wish there had been more of a friendship between Morse and his superior, Strange. After all they did come up together. I would have liked just one episode where Strange works closely on the case with Morse, maybe it could have been an episode with Lewis on vacation or something.

The very final episode is very sad. Attention, spoiler alert!!! If you do not want to know how it all ends, skip my next couple of statements. In the final episode, Morse has a massive heart attack and dies in the hospital shortly after, at the end of the episode, and the murder is basically solved. His final words before dying was to Strange at the bedside. Morse says, "Tell Lewis, thank you." I think it was fitting that they killed Morse at the end. His character was about to be forced in retirement, where a person like him would have gone nuts no longer working and solving cases. There is a scene earlier in the episode where Morse visits a solicitor and he is including Lewis in his will.

Season 7, episode, "Day of the Devil" in my opinion was the absolute worst episode of the entire series. It was just awful. It was like they were trying to be something that this show really wasn't. Maybe new writer or something, I don't know.

This is an above average series. If you liked A Touch of Frost series, then you will probably enjoy this one too. Sometimes the classical music (which I like) but was way too much and too loud (the way Morse likes to play it, to the discomfort of his colleagues and neighbors). If you enjoy Morse, then go back and watch the series "Endeavor". It is the character of Morse but when he was younger. I actually liked it even more than the Morse series.
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