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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 27, 2019
I Dare You is the story of Maverick Monroe, hottest prospect in college football, completely self assured and utterly gorgeous and Delaney Shaw, equally as beautiful and absolutely nerd girl extraordinaire. They first meet briefly as freshman at Waylon University's annual bonfire and from there on out, their story is written in the stars.

"You know there's a legend here at Waylon about our famous bonfire party? Legend says the first person you kiss at the party is the one you'll never forget. It might be years later, and still their face is the one you dream about."

Cut to Valentine's night, two years later and Delaney is home nursing a broken heart after catching her footballer boyfriend since freshman year (Alex) in the act with a nasty piece of side work. Her remedy? A scary movie, her cat (Han Solo #2) and bottle of vodka plus a vow to never date a footballer again. But then Delaney gets an out of the blue text and with a vodka infused brain and nothing better to do she starts a dialogue with the mystery texter which was absolutely priceless. I mean how can you not love asking who the hell you're talking to and having them come back with:

"My name if Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

From there their text exchange is entertaining as hell. Deciding not to use real names, they know each other only as 'He-man' and 'Princess Leia'. From that initial seemingly random text, they start a long running texting relationship with Delaney many times finding herself thinking about He-Man. In the meantime, she's now single again and runs into Maverick Monroe on campus. His stardom as one to watch for the NFL and hometown hero in Magnolia has only grown and he's the object of every girl's pursuit. But what I really dug about this novel with the 'hot college star' was there's none of the usual girl pines over cool guy who eventually, eventually after much angst gives her the time of day. No, Maverick Monroe is all heart and it is he who chases Delaney Shaw and thinks the sun revolves around her. And he's not scared to show it. But Delaney, despite any attraction has sworn off footballers and the lifestyle that surrounds them after that break up and she's sticking to it!

Needless to say, that does nothing to veer Maverick off of going after her and not being the least bit phased to have anybody know. But what made Maverick even more swoon worthy was the sacrifices he will go to for his sister who suffers from a TBI which has left her seriously impeded. His mother is dead, his father an alcoholic that fails to take care of his younger sister, Raven, and Maverick takes it all on himself - academics, broken family, training, games, pursuit of Delaney and most of all, more important than anything, taking care of Raven no matter how thin he stretches himself or what he risks losing as long as his sister is okay. TBI's are no joking matter and his devotion while just a college kid with high expectations put on him and trying to jostle everything was swoon worthy. And his feelings and actions for Delaney just put him over the top for me!

There is drama and he makes some risky moves and in doing so has to lie to those he loves. But this guy has a heart of gold. I adored Maverick enough to want to have his babies, I absolutely loved Delaney and how she owned her nerd girl chic and was cool as hell and my heart went out to Raven -been through so much but so, so sweet.

This was such an enjoyable read for me and as a challenge book I had thought I was going to be gritting this one out. But it truly rocked. I loved the back story, I fell in love with the characters and the author did a great job with no unwarranted drama and unique characters that you couldn't help but invest in.

So here's to taking care of those you love, owning your sense of self-expression and men that prove stereotypes wrong!

***** 5 Buttercup stars!
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