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Reviewed in the United States on November 10, 2013
This novel is one of the better "alternate history" novels available. The characterizations in this novel are excellent, and the plot is easy to follow and interesting. The author skillfully interweaves his protagonists with actual historical figures such as Admirals Nimitz and Spruance, and General DeWitt. The characterizations are what make this a five-star novel. In fact I did not find the actual historic prognostications in this novel to be persuasive. Even if the Japanese had defeated the US Navy at the Battle of Midway (which could very easily have happened) I do not believe that the United States would have ever, under any circumstances, abandoned Hawaii. Nor do I believe that public opinion would have allowed America to abandon Hawaii while simultaneously making its main combat commitment to the North Africa campaign. In the real history the latter was able to occur precisely because the United States gained and kept the initiative in the Pacific after the Coral Sea battle and New Guinea campaign despite these being somewhat "secondary" in what was at least an official "Germany First" policy. But reasonable minds can differ and that is just my opinion. Obviously the author did not agree.

Despite my disagreements with the author about the actual course of events in a scenario involving an American debacle at Midway, the author does a good job keeping in mind Japan's inherent weaknesses vis'a'vis the United States. The conclusion hangs together and makes sense.

Overall this is a highly readable and enjoyable novel that aficionados of alternate history will not want to miss.
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