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Reviewed in the United States on September 5, 2017
UPDATE: 4 years later and I have to replace them because ended up wearing the crap out of these sandals. Honestly, after the first week of wear I realized how messed up my feet were from wearing the WRONG sandals. These sandals helped correct the issues I was having, and after that first week, my heel pain was genuinely gone, and that is because the heel cup, and sandal itself, form to your foot as it helps to support. I cannot recommend these enough and I will be buying them again. Worth the price!

I'm giving these sandals 4 stars because it took a few days to decide if I liked them or not. These sandals are a nice looking shoe, but I have both arthritis and what we're guessing is plantar fasciitis and I REALLY wanted these to feel awesome out of the box. The heel cup was much harder than I expected from the reviews I've read. The arch support is better than my crocs flip flops, but my crocs are softer with more "give" to them. Now that I have had them for a week, they feel more comfortable. I do have to say though, if the bottom of your heels feel like mine do in the morning, you might want to find a shoe with more of a cushiony heel cup. I feel these sandals are fine for around the house, short-term use. I don't dislike them enough to return them, but because I live in Florida I will most likely try to find a softer sandal to wear when out and about.
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