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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 19, 2020
This was much better than I was expecting. The premise is that Highland Elementary School had seen so many mysterious suicides and murders (of both students and teachers) that angry locals eventually burned it to the ground, but when it's rebuilt as Pinewood Elementary, the evil that drove so many to madness is still there. It's up to Ryan, an enthusiastic new teacher, to figure out what's haunting those halls before the school year starts and the terror begins again. He'll have the help of some old "veterans" who were around for all the chaos at Highland...but one of them might actually be responsible for it!

Like I said at the start, MUCH better than I was expecting. The writing style is breezy yet effective, and all the characters--Ryan, his friends, and the eventual villain--are drawn out very well, and I found myself liking everyone I was supposed to like and hating the one I was supposed to hate. The way the mysteries of the school are revealed unfolds at just the right pace, neither too fast nor too slow, and there the building sense of horror is very effective. There's also some nice gore if you look for that in your horror novels. My only complaint is that I thought the reveal happened a little too quickly--just about halfway through the book you learn for certain who the villain responsible for the supernatural terror is. I wish there had been another twist before that, but ah well, not a big deal. Definitely not enough to take away from the 5 stars this was worth!
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