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Reviewed in the United States on January 1, 2020
It seems weak at first but after putting it up against the last blizzard cleanup gotta give it credit, its still in one piece. The shovel is a little on the narrow side for that type of clean up but it gets down to the sidewalk without a ton of effort. Breaks apart the snow even the half frozen parts without much effort. Once you really get going you almost forget how small it is. Though that definatly makes a difference yes take a few more shovelfulls to get it all cleared but for me the advantage is I'm less likely to trash my shoulder cuz cant pick up as large or as heavy of scoops so while barely notice the few extra scoops I do notice on less sore and more able to move later. Either near the end of cleaning up usually having trouble lifting arm or later when normally can be hard to use it sometimes even after ice or heat or ibuprofen hurts remove or try to lift it. After the last storm I was able to use arm with minimal problems later in the evening. So I guess what I originally saw is kind of a problem turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I got through and got it done in about the same amount of time as I normally would and wasn't in half as much pain as I normally be later on. Of course after the last blizzard I switch back and forth between this one and my larger shovel as I was doing it just because when it's waist to chest High snow I want to get through it faster but I kept this one nearby to break up any harder chunks of snow and ice to get underneath the deck in certain spots where the big one can't fit and to go all the way around the mailbox because that have been plowed in multiple times and my larger shovel probably would have snapped if I tried using it there.
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