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Reviewed in the United States on July 7, 2016
The 4th book in the series. Not so sure this is a stand alone, as it would be easier to understand the ongoing dynamics if someone read the previous installments of the series.

While Jason is still fighting with the consequences of his “previous" life, he's offered an awesome career opportunity: to become CEO of Guardian. However, to accept this career step, he needs to find closure regarding a botched operation under his command, which cost the lives of two of his brothers in arms. In this way he meets Faith and her son. Needless to say that they fall immediately in love with each other but can these so different characters share a common future?

Generally speaking the book focused more on the romance than on the suspense part but unfortunately this part wasn't enough elaborated enough to pass as an intriguing love story and fell a bit flat. The general plot line of the book wasn't bad. Slightly predictable and similar to the previous installments of the series, I hoped to be surprised with interesting twists or turns but was disappointed in this respect.

Consequently I put all my hopes on the character development but….

I definitely expected more.
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