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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 6, 2019
Great movie! This story is written in the spirit of the Book of Job, where the main character, Daniel, goes through some pretty rough times in his life before things get better. Daniel's downhill spiral starts with a job loss and things only get worse from there as he becomes bitter towards God and life. Through the guidance of some pretty great friends, one in particular who we later find out has been through a similar rough time in life after the loss of his wife, Daniel begins to trust in God's Plan and be thankful for everything in life. The talk between Daniel and his friend is one of the best parts of the movie- very inspiring to the point where you will think about your own life and choices. I love his line about being thankful for the little TV that you need a stick to change the channel- but hey, it IS a TV! Daniel has a lot to be grateful for with friends that really stand by him. Even the wife, whose poor choice early on was a large catalyst of the difficulties that he endured, stood by him throughout. She stayed a positive mother for the kids, did not turn them against their father, and despite dealing with her own guilt and pain, was there for him. It doesn't negate her poor choice, but it shows that she really was repentant and willing to step up for her family. The priest/pastor in the hospital gives her really great advice. Daniel learns about 'drinking from the cup' and accepting the difficult times in life as opposed to being bitter and holding on to resentment and regret. In the end, as Daniel starts to trust God and the people around him, his life begins to move in a more positive direction. True to the Job's story, this story has a happy ending where Daniel becomes a better man, father, and husband. This movie is based in Australia and has some beautiful scenery with beaches and city skylines. Highly recommend, good family movie that everyone will enjoy. It touches on some more grown up topics (infidelity), but they are handled well with nothing inappropriate. You will enjoy the uplifting story!
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