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Reviewed in the United States on November 15, 2014
With nearly 700 reviews on Amazon for LOVER REVEALED and in light of Ms. Ward's cult-like following of fans (of which I am one!), it would be repetitive for me to detail the plot of this outstanding story. Let me instead convey my opinions regarding what sets Ms. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood (BDB) apart from other urban fiction/paranormal/erotic romance fiction series'.

The vampire brothers of the BDB are warriors, committed to defending their vampire race against the Lessening Society, which would destroy it. In this fascinating, incredible world, Ms. Ward has used our present day setting to incorporate races of paranormal beings who live side by side with us normal folk, but who minimize their interactions with humans so as not to be identified as different. Preserving the secrecy of their existence is of paramount importance to all of the supernaturals in Ms. Ward's world, and the constructs she builds for the societies of vampires, Lessers, and in later volumes in the series, other supernaturals, are detailed, rich, full-bodied, and interesting beyond description. Every species the author invokes has complex social traditions and rituals, a full economic structure, and a political system which is steeped in the history of the particular species. The vampire lore, particularly, is incredibly complex and utterly thrilling. We learn portions of their native tongue, the "old language", watch poignant, emotional ceremonies that surround their births, deaths, courtships, and marriages, and become completely intoxicated by their charm, power, sensuality, intelligence, loyalty to each other, and dedication to their race.

LOVER REVEALED is the story of ex-cop Butch (given the choice to disappear from the police force and drop off the human map or die, after becoming aware of the vampire species) and Marissa, the most regal, highly stationed and utterly lonely of all the vampire females, who longs to make an emotional connection to another being. Their story is an edge-of-your seat emotional rollercoaster; we ride along with our hero and heroine, hoping they can shed the baggage of their pasts and their many misgivings, as they try desperately to find their happy ending. Ms. Ward's typically complex layering of both plot and characters throws quite a few curveballs at Butch and Marissa, every one of them completely non-cliche and fascinating. We learn that Butch has more of a role in vampire folklore than he realizes, and we hope that he stays alive to have the chance to capture his destiny. The conclusion of LOVER REVEALED is not overly predictable at all; in fact, it is fair, balanced, believable, and has just enough magic for us not be able to have guessed it.

LOVER REVEALED has the most "heart" in the BDB series thus far. It is also as raw, provocative, and sensual as its two precursors in the series, DARK LOVER and LOVER ETERNAL. The sex is intense and smoldering, and it fits the story and the characters so perfectly that it is inspirational! This is Ms. Ward's strength: perfect precision among all elements of story, character, action, plot, emotion, sex....all tropes and literary devices...and she is the master. The audio version, narrated by Jim Frangione, is superior; he is able to voice gentle, lonely Marissa as beautifully as he voices the tormented, powerful, out-of-his-element Butch.

My recommendation: RUN, don't walk, and get all three Black Dagger Brotherhood novels today. If you've already read LOVER REVEALED, give the audio version a listen. Both are part of my permanent home library.

Please note: This serisis should be read in order!
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