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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on February 8, 2016
Flashy! Of course that's how it works. Just visualize where you want to be, touch the implant behind your ear, and "step into it." Quantum mechanical entanglement with an inhospitable adjacent universe takes you right there. Why fuss around with wormholes or warp drives, which we know to be silly nonsense?

I was so bored with reality after reading this astonishing series, not only with having to actually get in my car and endure urban traffic down the same roads for the ten thousandth time, but also with real people who take weeks or months to decide if they will do something (Violet's friends are in or out in 5 minutes, even if the proposal is to travel to the other end of the galaxy and endure great danger).

I am not being as sarcastic as you might think. If we are going to postulate laws of physics favorable to magic, why make them difficult? Teleportation worked on Star Trek, and the great civilizations they encountered could do it across the galaxy. Come read this novel about a future human civilization in which 12 grand masters can do just that. And try catching one of them when they can just teleport out of trouble. There are many great puzzles to solve and trials which only character and not techno-magic can solve.

If you are reading this review, chances are you have already read the first two novels in the series and are only wondering if this is up to snuff. Yes, that and beyond. In fact it is definitely better than the 2nd and possibly the best of all three, with the most character development, great and hard-won explanations for some of the mysteries, and a resounding and spectacular and also hard-won conclusion.

Perhaps Springer is the only modern author as inventive as Burroughs or Klein. There is something new and amazing on every page. And dialog to go with it.
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