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Reviewed in the United States on February 2, 2019
Had previously bought a cheap tripod for my cellphone (as I don't even own a straight up camera). Worked ok but was a bit flimsy and not quite high enough. Saw this one and it looked a lot more sturdy so I decided to get it. To use this with my cellphone, I also had to buy a separate adapter to mate the cellphone to this tripod. Got both parts at the same time and tried everything out with my cellphone. Compared to my other tripod, this one is a rock. Holds my phone steady so making videos with it is pretty easy. Has all the adjustments I need to put the cellphone in any position I want in either landscape or portrait mode. Goes about a foot higher than my other one. The only knock I can give to this tripod is the swivel from side to side was way too tight even with adjustment all the way loose. It took both hands to turn from side to side cause you had to hold the tripod steady with one hand cause the tripod would move as you turned. Took me awhile to keep turning it around and around (like about 500 times) for it to loosen up where I could use it with one hand. Took off a star for that but other than that, this tripod is working very well for me. I plan on basically using this in the house or outside in the backyard and this will last me forever. It's not a professional tripod but I'm not a professional so it's fine. This tripod does everything I need it too. Can't beat the price either.
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